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Supplemental Insurance

You may have traditional health insurance that covers direct costs like hospital bills and doctors' visits, it usually doesn't cover lost wages or other financial impacts that can result from an illness or injury. It can also protect you for expenses you could not pay if something happened and you could not make an income to pay your bills.

Hospitalization Coverage

Hospital coverage can help with cash benefits left by gaps in major medical coverage associated with a hospital stay because of injury or illness. Benefits can be used for out-of-pocket expenses such as copays, deductibles and treatment that often seem like barriers to getting your health care needs. Kingdom Benefits Group can help you with:

  • Multiple plan designs, including options with benefits for doctor visits and laboratory costs.
  • Benefits pay on top of any other coverage you may have.
  • A plan that has no network restrictions.
  • Ensuring you receive the same, set benefit, no matter which provider you choose.
  • Getting the payout as a cash benefit to use in any way you need to offset medical costs.

Accident Plans

No one got up today planning on having an accident. A Supplemental Accident Plan can pay you a cash benefit for accident-related expenses and helps you pay out-of-pocket costs such as copays, deductibles and treatments so that you can afford the treatment you need. Reduce the financial impact of a serious accident for you and the ones you love by investing in supplemental Accident Plan.

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