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COBRA Solutions

Kingdom Benefit Group is partnering with Clarity Benefit Solutions to take the guesswork out of complex compliance procedures and manages all the paperwork, so you don’t have to.

COBRA compliance can be complex, confusing, and completely tedious to administer. We simplify compliance with a web-based platform that tracks COBRA-triggering events and takes care of the notifications, billing, payments, and reporting that follows.

We have your COBRA compliance covered:

  • Ongoing COBRA administration
  • Pending qualifying event notifications via first-class mail with proof-of-mailing
  • Processing COBRA elections once completed by client or qualified beneficiary
  • Validating all COBRA elections
  • Billing and collecting premiums monthly
  • Process for handling undelivered mail
  • Providing collections for returned checks
  • Processing participant life status events
  • Ongoing validation of participant eligibility
  • Validating and processing disability extensions

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