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ERISA Compliance

ERISA compliance can be complicated and potentially costly—the IRS collects more than $2.5 billion in civil penalties each year. We're here to do the heavy lifting for you, helping to minimize your risk with expert support, innovative software, and a 24/7 compliance portal.

Kingdom Benefit has partnered with Clarity Benefit Solutions to help with all phases of ERISA compliance and provide support and technology that can help you avoid costly penalties, which might range from $110 to more than $2,194 for every day a single plan is in violation.

  • ERISA wrap plan document
  • Ongoing ERISA administration
  • Summary plan description explaining key terms and conditions to all participants
  • Tax Form 5500 preparation for groups with 100+ employees
  • Self-service online portal with 24/7 access to documentation
  • Software automation of wrap documents
  • Written plan document for each benefit plan offered
  • Annual plan document updates for changes and new plans
  • Automated reporting and employer notifications
  • Audit support

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